Ciara is an Irish urban fantasy writer who works in Dublin City and lives in the countryside, the perfect balance in her eyes. A bookworm from birth, her love of reading bled into writing when she was a preteen. After getting a 'real job' and reigniting her passion for writing in her late twenties, Ciara set her sights of realising her childhood dream of being an author.


A self-confessed book worm, you will often find Ciara with her head in a book. She's an avid animal lover and her fluffy writing buddies are plastered over her social media.

She loves nothing more to be curled up with her laptop and a hot chocolate in her favourite Starbucks, writing to her hearts content. She can't write without music, taking her noise cancelling headphones everywhere.

A huge rugby fan, Ciara loves hanging out with friends, and spending time in nature. One of her favourite things to do is walking the dog in the forest nearby. She loves working out, be it lifting weights in the gym, smashing a home workout, or resetting with a yoga session. As a firm advocate for the importance of mental health, Ciara believes that balance is a must.

When she decided to self-publish, there was no question that it would be urban fantasy. Ciara's writing journey has been a bit of a rollercoaster, but her debut Hybrid Wolf Series will launch in 2021!

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