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Lone WOlf

The Hybrid Wolf Series: Prequel

The alpha is dead, and it was an inside job. Can Tom step up and save the future of his pack before it’s too late?

Tom thought moving home would be a fresh start, but it quickly becomes a nightmare when he discovers the alpha’s death wasn’t an accident.

He teams up with old friends to find the murderer, playing undercover detective while juggling a toddler and growing family tensions. Along the way, he finds a connection that he never thought he’d feel again.

When the truth comes to light, Tom realises just how far the culprit will go in their hunt for power.

Can he save his pack from ruin before it’s too late?

Lone Wolf is the prequel to The Hybrid Wolf Series, a paranormal urban fantasy romance, combining shifters, magic, high stakes, a sprinkle of romance, and plenty of humour. Based in Dublin over twenty years before Wolf Bait, the prequel follows the origin of the Crescent pack. Grab your copy today!

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