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ARCs are copies of a book that are offered in advance of the book release to trusted readers, so they can read the book in advance of publication and review it on release day/week.

Reviews help potential readers to decide whether or not they might like a book.  As an indie author, I rely on my ARC Team to help me ensure my books have the best possible launch they can get!


If you're interested in joining my ARC team, please fill out the form below and I'll reply with more information about being on my ARC team.​

Please note that applying does not automatically mean you will be accepted.

Where do you currently review books online?
In addition to being added to my ARC Team, would you be interested in being part of my Streat Team? This just means that when I have cover reveals or new releases, you'd be open to receiving a special email from me with cover reveal/release graphics that you can share on social media to help promote my books!

Thank you for asking to join my ARC team. I'll be in touch soon!

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