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Killer Instinct 

The Hybrid Wolf Series: Prequel

The alpha was murdered and it was an inside job. Can Tom step up and save the future of his pack before it's too late?

Getting the call to say his alpha had been killed in an accident was the last nudge Tom needed to come home. The move would be a fresh start. Or so he thought.

Tom's homecoming quickly becomes a nightmare when he discovers the alpha's death wasn't an accident. Tom teams up with old friends to find out who is responsible.

He finds himself playing undercover detective while juggling a toddler and family tensions. Helping his best friend's brother ends up bringing up emotions and a connection that he never thought he'd feel again.

When the truth comes to light and Tom realises just how far the culprit is willing to go in their hunt for power, Tom has to choose between family and his pack's future. Can he find a way to salvage his pack before it's too late?

Killer Instinct is the prequel to the Dublin-based urban fantasy Hybrid Wolf Series, containing shifters, magic, high stakes, a sprinkle of romance and plenty of humour along the way.


Dive into the prequel to find out what happened to the pack and discover this exciting new series today!


Wolf Bait

The Hybrid Wolf Series: Book 1

All Eve ever wanted was to belong. Living with her best friend while doing well in college, with a nice boyfriend, Eve thinks she's finally made it. But when she wakes up in Dublin City Centre with no recollection of how she got there and some stranger says she's a hybrid werewolf, life as Eve knows it implodes.


She quickly finds herself thrown headfirst into a world where werewolves are real and vampires do bite. But is the monsters that she should be afraid of or those closest to her?

About the Author

Writing these things always makes me feel awkward. What am I supposed to say—please read my books? I swear they're good!

All jokes aside, I have been completely overwhelmed with the feedback I've received from betas and anyone who has read Killer Instinct. Putting your book babies out in the world is terrifying, but to know that people love the world and characters I've created makes it all worth it.

I'm Ciara, an Irish writer who loves urban fantasy and spends far too much on books every month. I've always loved fantasy, I read a range within the genre, but my favourite genre to write is urban fantasy. I love the idea that we could be walking the streets of Dublin City, completely unaware of some magical world lying hidden around the corner.

Writing and reading are my main passions, but I'm also a huge rugby and music fan. My music taste is a bit... all over the place, I guess. I'll be listening to my emo throwback playlist one minute and then switch to Taylor Swift.

Feel free to follow me on social media, I'm often lurking on Instagram when procrastinating. Please let me know what you think of my books, I love when readers reach out to me!

Dublin Background

Ciara writes with a fresh feeling, vivid familiarity. In every setting and scene, I felt like I'd been there before, that I knew her characters as people already, but I still wanted to learn more and stay longer.

Fran Brine

Killer Instinct Review

Wolf Bait is the best urban fantasy fiction I've read since L J Smith's Night World. Her characters are vivid and the story addictive - once I finished it, I found myself still lost in the world this fantastic author has created and ravenous for more.

Jodi May

Killer Instinct Review