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Finding out that you're a werewolf is nothing like the movies...

All Eve ever wanted was to belong. She's in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan. But when she wakes in the dead of night to a handsome stranger in the park telling her she's a hybrid werewolf, Eve is thrust head-first into the paranormal world.

Turns out, Ryan is a werewolf and that tempting stranger, Luke, is his rival. Ryan wants Eve to join his pack, but Luke's broody ass keeps popping up in her life and warning her off. He's the enemy, the dangerous heir to the Crescent wolf pack. Her first mistake is ignoring him.

Staying with Ryan’s pack to gain control over her powers should be a new start, but between their hatred of hybrids and his track record for lying, she’s lonelier than ever. When she stumbles upon a secret the pack leader wanted kept buried, she must work with Luke to uncover what secrets the alpha is hiding, because it’s not just her life on the line.

If you like shifters, slow burn, enemies to friends to lovers, and a heavy sprinkle of sarcasm, then you need to pick up Wolf Bait to discover this exciting new series today!

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Ciara Delahunt is a paranormal romance author who enjoys writing urban fantasy romance books with strong female leads, suspense, spice, and plenty of sarcasm. She lives in Ireland, but is chronically online and often found in her FB reader group, Tiktok, or Discord.

A bookdragon from birth, her love of reading bled into writing when she was a teenager. After getting a 'real job' and reigniting her passion for writing in her late twenties, Ciara set her sights on realising her childhood dream of being an author.

Writing and reading are her main passions, but she's also a huge rugby and music fan. According to Ciara, her music taste all over the place. One minute she's listening to an emo throwback playlist, and then the next she switches to Taylor Swift.

She loves spending time in nature and playing with her two cats. When she doesn't have her head in a book, you will find her walking in her favourite spot, falling over attempting yoga, or screaming at a rugby match.

Ciara wants to bring magic to life for readers so they can escape reality. She's a big advocate for mental health, focusing on strong female leads and badass women who aren't afraid to use their voice. Found family is one of her favourite tropes. Hopefully, while reading her work, you can find confidence and know that there is always somewhere you belong.

About Ciara

The story line had me on the edge of my seat and had some amazing twists and turns. If you liked twilight or the vampire diaries and are after a new read, this is the book for you. 

Kim Fradley, Amazon

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